ABCD Consulting – Logistics Consulting was established in 2014 by Gabriele Belloni after over 20 years’ experience in the fields of both logistics and supply chains.

Over the years this sector has grown to become central to company strategy and organization, encompassing a large number of areas: industrial logistics, warehouse logistics, automated logistics 4.0, physical distribution, e-commerce, shipping, intermodality, sustainability, planning, and finance.

All these areas of logistics are approached and analysed by us as part of a single and fundamental strategic system, which stems from our desire to contribute towards the the development of the supply chain and to encourage synergy and collaborative practices. With each client we build a meaningful dialogue, based on collaboration and problem solving, with the aim of guiding the client towards the best possible strategic choices and efficient solutions for their business.

Through targeted and specific actions for individual processes, we will guide you towards excellence, as well as the simplification and harmonization of your supply chain.