Beverage Sector – National Wine Distribution


Following a change of logistic contract, one of the most important wineries in Tuscany achieves a general performance below expectations that slows down strategic development.


Improve the OTIF (On Time In Full) performance indicator by analysing the entire order fulfilment process, from collection to delivery.

The phases of the project:

  • Analysis of the general situation

  • Mapping of the Order to Delivery process (or Order to Invoicing, if necessary)

  • Analysis of the distribution network

  • Considerations and actions


An analysis of the performance and timing of the order process was carried out:

  • receipt and validation of the order from a commercial / administrative point of view

  • receipt and validation of the order from a logistical point of view

  • distribution by 3PL


In this analysis, the correlations between the mapped cases and the performance of the process at each stage were identified, thus identifying the issues that affected performance the most and resolving them.

The project stood out for its strong collaborative spirit between the commercial side and the logistics / supply chain: at the end of each “phase” the progress of the work and the data that emerged were shared, opening a constructive debate on the necessary corrective actions.

In the last phase, carried out jointly, we identified the necessary actions that were needed in the various areas, with the related priorities and scheduling.

As per the methodology of aBCD Consulting, the effectiveness of the actions scheduled for mid-2021 will be verified; the expected target is an OTIF improvement of at least 15% compared to the previous results.