Gabriele Belloni – Born in Varese in 1973, began his career in production logistics and was driven by a strong passion for the field. He also gained experience in the domestic and international express courier sector before moving to the position of Head of Sales in domestic and international freight services, following the commercial start-up of a company in Poland.

Over the years he has implemented restructuration projects for complex networks, in cost reduction, in process revising, and in the development of multimodal networks (short-sea and rail).

The sum of these transversal experiences (industrial, dry food and beverage, temperature controlled, special waste, etc.) and of the roles covered (from Operations Manager to Branch Manager up to Head of Sales), represent a great wealth of knowledge fuelled by his unending curiosity and governed by his utmost professionalism.

Gabriele Belloni has also taken part in important round table discussions for the logistics sector, such as GS1-ECR, an organization made up of 35,000 consumer goods companies that develops and maintains the most commonly used standards in the world (e.g., barcodes) for communication between companies, organizations and institutions, with the objective of facilitating dialogue and collaboration, creating value and innovation and giving both more momentum to companies and more advantages to the consumer.

As proof of his continued strive to learn, Gabriele Belloni has also completed a Masters in Operations and Supply Chain Management, at MIP Polytechnic University of Milan in collaboration with EADA Business School, Barcelona.