ABCD Consulting – Logistics Consulting begins with the specific logistic needs of the client and develops projects for medium-long term strategies.

The steps/ methodology:

  • We carry out an initial macro-analysis of the logistic organization and / or of the specific needs highlighted by the client:

      • We compare the findings with the “ideal” model

      • We identify the areas of greatest misalignment between the current circumstance and the ideal one

      • We estimate the operational and economic effects of each issue detected

      • We analyse the existing constraints that hinder such an alignment

  • We determine the priorities and together with the client we identify the area and the goal of the consultancy.


  • We propose a “road map” that describes how to achieve the shared goal, characterized by steps divided into actions, times, resources and specific objectives.

  • At the end of each step, we present the evidence collected and processed, to confirm and / or update the roadmap according to the results.


  • All activities are carried out together and in close contact with the client’s staff, at all organizational levels; in this way we maximize the involvement and motivation of the team which, at the end of the consultation, will have to continue to put into practice the changes established.


  • On completion we schedule 2 further check-ups to verify the effectiveness of the steps taken (usually after 4 and 12 months) and to analyse the results obtained and the activities that need to be improved.


  • Together with the customer we identify new objectives to optimize the business strategy