International Logistic Provider – M&A


Following the acquisition of an important Italian competitor, we took care of analysing the alignment and integration of the two networks throughout the country for an important international logistics group that is already well established in Italy.


Evaluation and integration of the domestic activities of the two companies, both from a distribution and management point of view

The phases of the project:

  • Assessment of the domestic activities of the acquired company

  • Management alignment

  • Domestic network integration evaluation

  • Network design 2025 (green-field)

Analyses were carried out on the company in general as well as on the individual branches, verifying operational parameters, structures and organization; the data collected was subject to benchmark comparison, first internally and then with sector parameters, to identify the areas in need of change.

In the second phase, we gave priority to the alignment of management methods, to be completed before the start of the new fiscal year; passing from a model based on cost centres (acquired company) to one based on revenue centres (purchasing company).

The new logic was then defined and transferred and the new internal inter-company and inter-unit pricing parameters were established, the two physical networks were overlapped and compared and all the necessary changes for an effective and efficient integration were identified, while also evaluating possible synergies with other business units.

In the light of the evidence that emerged in the physical integration of the two networks, it was decided to shift the focus of the analysis to a strategic context, defining the ideal network 2025, in consideration of the flows and developments of all business units.